Starting an online retail company by utilizing Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) platform is an excellent choice. However, to offer particular products, sellers need to first become ungated in particular restricted categories. However, to sell particular products on the Amazon platform, you will need to go through this procedure, which can be challenging and time-consuming. We are going to provide detailed guidance on how to get ungated on Amazon FBA UK in this article that you can find here.

Be familiar with the Prohibited Categories:

It is essential to have a solid understanding of the prohibited categories before making any attempts to have your Amazon FBA UK account ungated. Amazon places restrictions on the sale of products in a number of product categories, including automotive, beauty, grocery, health and personal care, and others, to safeguard its customers from purchasing unsafe and counterfeit goods. For sellers to be ungated in any of these categories, they are required to provide the necessary paperwork to demonstrate that their goods are genuine.

Provide Necessary Documents:

For sellers to get ungated on Amazon FBA UK, they are required to provide pertinent documents like invoices, information about their suppliers, and brand authorization letters. Invoices are required to include certain information, including the date of the transaction, the product name and description, the seller’s address and VAT number, and the seller’s name and address. Information about the supplier needs to include the supplier’s full name, location, and VAT number, in addition to a condensed summary of the supplier’s line of work. A brand authorization letter must be on official letterhead, contain the contact information of the brand owner, and include a declaration authorizing the seller to sell the brand owner’s products on Amazon. In addition, the letter must be signed by the brand owner.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that each category has its own unique specifications for documentation. For instance, vendors in the automotive category are required to provide a VAT number, the number of their company’s registration, and evidence that they have liability insurance.

Make Sure the Merchandise You Sell Is High-Quality:

Amazon requires sellers to maintain a high standard of product quality to be ungated in restricted categories. Before submitting an application to become ungated, sellers are required to make certain that their wares are up to the necessary quality standards. This includes making certain that the products are genuine, free from flaws, and conform to all applicable safety and regulation requirements and standards.

It is the responsibility of the seller to supply accurate and comprehensive product information, which should include pictures and descriptions of the highest possible quality. Customers can make more educated purchasing decisions with the assistance of this information, which also serves as evidence of the authenticity of the product.

Keep Your Account Numbers in Good Shape:

To avoid being gated on Amazon FBA UK, sellers must keep their account numbers in good standing. This includes ensuring that you have a high seller rating, that you complete orders in a timely manner, and that you have a low rate of customer complaints and returns. It is absolutely necessary to perform frequent monitoring of these metrics to guarantee compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Additionally, sellers have a responsibility to immediately respond to customer questions and comments. Customers who leave a vendor positive feedback and high ratings have the ability to boost the seller’s credibility and increase the likelihood that they will be unblocked from selling in restricted categories.

Put in a Request for Approval:

When sellers have complied with all of the necessary standards and supplied all of the required documentation, they are eligible to submit an application for approval to sell in restricted categories. To submit an application for approval, sellers need to log into their Amazon Seller Central account, go to the “Inventory” tab, click the “Add a Product” button, and then search for the item they wish to offer. From that point on, they can choose the option that says “Listing restrictions apply” and then follow the on-screen instructions to provide the required documents and information.

During the application procedure, it is absolutely necessary to provide information that is both accurate and up-to-date. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies can result in delayed or refused approval.

Keep an Eye on Your Own Performance:

After a vendor has been unblocked in a restricted category, they are required to continue monitoring their performance to keep their approval status. Amazon conducts regular performance reviews of its sellers and reserves the right to revoke approval in the event that a seller is unable to reach the required standards.

The information about the products that sellers provide should be kept up to current on a regular basis, and the sellers themselves should ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable regulatory and safety standards. Any time there is a change in the product information or the specifics of the supplier, Amazon should be notified immediately.


In conclusion, for sellers to become ungated on Amazon FBA UK, they must first have an understanding of the restricted categories, then provide relevant documents, then keep their account metrics in good standing, then ensure the quality of their products, and finally submit for approval. If sellers adhere to these measures, they will be able to increase their sales potential and broaden the range of products.

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