With a combined market valuation of over $1.5 trillion, Amazon and Alibaba are two of the largest e-commerce giants in the world. Both companies are based in China. Both of these platforms offer a diverse selection of products at affordable prices, making them popular options for consumers who prefer to purchase online. However, a lot of people aren’t conscious that they can use Alibaba to find products for their Amazon stores, so they’re missing out on that opportunity. This article will provide comprehensive guidance that will show you how to compete with Amazon using Alibaba.

Understanding Alibaba

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce corporation that acts as a platform for companies to connect with manufacturers and suppliers in China as well as other parts of Asia. Alibaba was founded in 1999. The company runs three primary websites:, which facilitates connections between businesses and manufacturers, and suppliers; AliExpress, which is a platform for online shopping; and Taobao, which is a platform that facilitates transactions between individual consumers.

Alibaba provides customers with access to a diverse selection of goods, including but not limited to furniture, clothing, and technological goods. Because it serves customers in over 190 countries and has more than 10 million registered buyers, this business is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the entire world.

Why Should Amazon Do Its Merchandise Sourcing Through Alibaba?

There are a number of advantages to using Alibaba as a source of products for your Amazon business, including the following:

Alibaba offers products at prices that are lower than those offered by Amazon due to the fact that many of the products sold on Alibaba are sourced straight from the manufacturer.

Greater selection: Because it connects businesses with manufacturers and suppliers, Alibaba can provide a broader selection of products than Amazon does.

You will have a greater degree of control over the production and quality of your goods if you purchase them straight from the manufacturer rather than from a distributor or retailer.

Customization: Alibaba gives you the ability to make changes to your products, allowing you to create something truly distinctive that will set you apart from the other businesses in your industry.

Because you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, the turnaround time for your products is typically quicker than if you were to source products from Amazon. This is due to the fact that you are avoiding any middlemen.

How to Make the Most of Alibaba as a Sourcing Tool for Amazon

Create an Amazon Seller Account as the First Move

You are going to need to sign up for a seller account with Amazon before you can begin purchasing products from Alibaba. Providing information about your company and establishing a method of payment are both required steps in this simple and streamlined process.

The second step is to determine the product that you intend to sell.

After you have created your Amazon seller account, the next step is to select the item that you wish to offer on the platform. It’s possible that this is a product that you’ve already been offering on Amazon, but it’s also possible that this is a brand-new product that you’re looking to launch on the market.

It is essential to research the market to select a product that will be profitable to sell. This research should focus on locating a product that will be in demand but will not be oversold. To determine how well a product is selling, you can check its position on Amazon’s Best Seller Rank, in addition to using other resources such as Jungle Scout and Helium 10.

Step 3: Conduct Market Research on Alibaba’s Retailers

After you have decided what product you want to sell, the next step is to conduct an investigation on Alibaba regarding potential suppliers. To accomplish this, you will need to make use of the search function on to locate vendors who stock the item you intend to market.

When conducting research on potential suppliers, it is essential to take a number of variables into consideration, including the supplier’s location, the minimum order quantity, and the production capacity of the supplier. It would help if you also searched for vendors who have a good reputation because this will give you confidence that they can provide you with products of high quality.

Step 4: Contact Manufacturers and Request Samples

After you have narrowed down your list of potential partners to a few providers, the next step is to make contact with those vendors and inquire about obtaining product samples from them. This will give you the ability to evaluate the standard of their products and determine whether or not they satisfy the requirements that you have outlined.

When communicating with potential suppliers, it is essential to be specific about the specifications you have and to ask any questions that may come to mind. You need to negotiate not only the price but also the conditions of the agreement, including the minimum order quantity and the delivery time.

Step 5: Place a Purchase

After you have received examples from various suppliers and have chosen a supplier that satisfies your requirements, you can place an order with that supplier after negotiating with them. This is a very important choice to make because you need to place frequent orders with the provider, so you need to give careful consideration to whom you choose as your supplier.

Step 6: Ensure that the Relationship Is Maintained

After you have chosen your provider and inquired about the minimum order quantities (MOQs), you need to keep a positive relationship with that supplier to continue receiving favorable pricing on products in the future. Keeping positive relations will help you bring in more money in the long run. As a result of this, it is necessary for us to verify the status of the supplier on the official Alibaba website.

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